Welcome to Crystal Rose Healing Arts!

      Thank you for Visiting my Website!  I hope you find my pages informative and interesting.
         I have been working in the Metaphysical and Holistic World for over 10 years and have spent a lifetime exploring and studying it and I'm glad to share my experience, training, and services with you!
       Here is a quick list of my training and titles:
Ceremonial Master 1st, 2nd & 3rd Level
Elemental Master 1st & 2nd Level
Oracle (Angelic Channel)
Wicca High Priestess
Ordained Minister
Reiki Master Teacher
Master Tarot Teacher
IET Beginner
     As you can see I have gathered alot along the way and I am still Gathering so that I may share it with all of you.
      Take your time, explore my sight, and if anything catches your eyes, please go to my contact page and send me a message!
Enjoy my site!